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Welcome to the Transcendent Press Blog!

Alright. So here's the story:

I had this other Transcendent Press site up and going, but I was having issues. The website host was weird, the software updates were funky, and I didn't like how things were going, so I nuked it. This is a temporary holding ground while I get things back in order. I might stay. We'll see.

In the meantime, though. I wanted to start making content again and seeing what people think about what I'm putting out there. It's a growing process. I just have to get started.

Whew...alright. Here we go.
Welcome to Transcendent Press.

- Mr Benja -


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Should Artists Cash In On The Story Of The Month?

I used to have a problem with people "cashing in" on the current wave of social discourse or media hype, and I still do. BUT since I've started engaging with more people more often (thank extroverts), I've come to a much better understanding of the art that takes part in genuine discussions with the public. In fact, the BEST artists do it without cashing in. They're able to channel the vibe of what everyone is thinking/feeling and add relevancy. This is why pop art spoke to me many years ago before Get in that conversation and be genuine. It can be dangerous/scary, but it's fully in line with being an artist. Just beware of being an artist that's only there to cash in. That's for bums. "Several Antiracist Books Are Selling Out" "Social Media Comic Book Sales Soar During Pandemic"

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People have wondered how they might go about getting their hands on some of the zines, stories, shirts, and prints that I'll be offering. I'm here to say that will be a thing this February. I'll come back later to remind you. In the meantime, I have to rebuild this site from scratch. That'll happen over time, and you can check back here to see the progress and the updates. Thx for your patience. - Mr Benja -