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Welcome to the Transcendent Press Blog!

Alright. So here's the story:

I had this other Transcendent Press site up and going, but I was having issues. The website host was weird, the software updates were funky, and I didn't like how things were going, so I nuked it. This is a temporary holding ground while I get things back in order. I might stay. We'll see.

In the meantime, though. I wanted to start making content again and seeing what people think about what I'm putting out there. It's a growing process. I just have to get started.

Whew...alright. Here we go.
Welcome to Transcendent Press.

- Mr Benja -


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As this site gets worked out, character sketches will be getting posted to Instagram on a regular basis. Be sure to check out that page to see all the imagery as it gets developed. They *may* get archived here on the blog at some point. - Mr Benja -

This Website Sucks!

I know...I know. This is not at all what you were expecting from a world class operation like Transcendent Press, but the old website had to get axed. It was causing problems and costing me money. So I've stripped everything down to a much more bare bones format so that I can focus on actually creating the good shit. If you need more, you can visit us on social media for now: - Mr Benja -

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