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Complete Strangers Review Some Transcendent Press Stories

What you're seeing is two images of me being your favorite creep photographer. 😅 So here's what happened: I was attending The 4th on 4th Artwalk in Long Beach; I was out there as a writer + artist handing out story samples. I met some great people and we would chat up who I could, but most people just took my sampler and politely kept walking.

I handed one couple my Transcendent Press sampler and bid them a good night. A few minutes later, I see them standing inside a local shop checking out my mini-story. (See how engrossed they are?) Totally didn't mean to get the stalker vibe with this photo, but when you see the chance, you gotta take it! 

Later, on their way back home, they returned to my table to thank me for the story and to get on my email list! Complete Stranger Test = PASS!

Thanks, Deejay. Thanks, Ross. And thanks to everyone else I met on Friday. .

- Mr Benja -

P.S. If you want to get on my email list, just contact me HERE.


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